Tuesday, August 25, 2009

European Power, African Sunlight

Previously, I blogged about a 400 billion Euro plan to power Europe with sunlight from the Sahara desert. Desertec, as the $573 billion initiative is called, would be the world's most committed solar power project to date. The lingering question is to what, if any benefit will such a project be for north African nations who themselves face widespread energy shortages and routine blackouts? Not to mention the long history of colonialism/ neo-colonialism that has taken place via the exploitation of Africa's natural resources. Will the sun be any different?

Nevertheless, European investors are looking to capitalize on Africa's most abundant resource. Cash-strapped north African governments are unlikely to challenge what could turn out to be another economic opportunity and revenue source. Below is a short video from a Dutch news station describing the German lead project, the technologies and scientific processes that will be used to harness the power of the African sun.

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