Saturday, June 20, 2009

Celebrating the Summer Solstice...Outside

In the midst of a deeply contested health care debate, there is no better excuse to get our fat American asses outside and enjoy the Earth's great source of energy for billions of years.

Today is the summer solstice, which in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of the year and when the Sun is farthest north. "Solstice" is derived from two Latin words: "sol" meaning sun, and "sistere," to cause to stand still. On the day of the solstice, the Sun rises to the highest level of the year. The effect is that the Sun appears to "stands still."

Around the world there are thousands of festivals to celebrate the awesome power of the Sun at its zenith. Here in Cleveland, I am interning with Policy Matters Ohio and we are having a few celebrations of our own at the local Art Museum.

Enough blogging, its time to catch some rays. It's summer time ya'll!