Tuesday, April 7, 2009

US Delegation Visits Fidel Castro: The African-American Connection

There are positive signs that the ridiculous economic embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba may be on its way out of the door. Rueters has reported that members of a U.S. congressional delegation have been meeting with Cuban officials to discuss a normalization of relations between the US and Cuba. Members of the delegation met with Fidel Castro during the twilight of a 5 day trip in which they also met governing president Raul Castro.

The trip is an example of the more cordial relationship African-Americans have had with President Fidel Castro and toward the Cuban Revolution in general. Fidel Castro has made several visits to Harlem where African-Americans have shown their solidarity with the Cuban people and their struggle against imperialism. The US corporate media often overlooks this historic relationship, and for good reason. The video below is of Fidel addressing a large crowd of African-Americans in 1995.

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