Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israeli Military Bombs the UN and Gaza Hospitals...Again?

The Israeli military bombed the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip earlier today destroying thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies. The attack was accompanied by bombings of three hospitals in Gaza where officials say a chemical weapon called white phosphorous was used. In a rare apology to the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "I don't think it should have happened and I'm very sorry." Today's news follows previous indiscriminate bombing campaigns that landed on a UN school, mosques and other public centers in Gaza. Israel's actions were met with widespread international condemnation of the Israeli military during an UN General Assembly emergency session on the Gaza crisis.

These attacks are part of an ongoing aerial and ground assault by the Israeli military aimed at disarming Gaza's governing party Hamas. To date over 1000 people have been killed in Gaza including more than 300 children. Bombings of UN facilities, hospitals and other public institutions are unacceptable whatever the justification by the US congress . Israel may be winning on the military front but the battle for hearts and minds in Palestine could be favoring Hamas.

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