Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colombian Hostage Freed

The Colombian military delivered 15 hostages from the leftist guerilla group FARC by employing an apparent modern day trojan horse. Colombian armed forces crafted an ”elaborate ruse” tricking the guerillas into turning over the hostages including 3 American’s and French politician Ingrid Betancourt. Betancourt had been in captivity since 2002. Speaking briefly after her rescue she offered some words of hope.

“I believe that this is a sign of peace for Colombia, that we can find peace.”

The Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has been fighting in a ruthless civil-war against the government in the name of Colombia’s poor. Today, the group appears to be reeling after a series of defeats by a strengthened Colombian military backed by the United States. Three of the organizations top leaders have either been captured, killed, or deserted the rebel ranks. A few weeks ago their most important political supporter Venezuela’s Socialist President Hugo Chavez called for an end to the armed guerilla struggle. Nevertheless, the militia continues to have several remaining hostages and it remains to be seen how the deception of the Colombian military will effect future negotiations between the two parties.

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