Friday, April 4, 2008

Russia-1, Neocons-1

"Extend the circle of freedom."

- President George W. Bush

President Bush's plan to extend NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia, thus isolating Russian influence in the region, has fallen flat on it's face---for now. During his recent trip to Ukraine, President Bush and the orange "revolutionary" Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko posed for the international media cameras and announced their strategic plan for Ukranian membership into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. President Bush announced,

“Your nation has made a bold decision, and the United States strongly supports your request...Helping Ukraine move toward NATO membership is in the interest of every member in the alliance and will help advance security and freedom in this region and around the world.”

The membership of eastern European countries like Ukraine and Georgia along with a proposed anti-missle defense system, are part of a larger plan by the Pentagon to spread American influence and hegemony in eastern Europe.

But at a recent summit prominent nations within NATO, fearing increasing tensions with Russia, backed off the plan and have denied Georgia and Ukraine membership into the organization. Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister was quoted as saying after the announcement,

"Georgia's and Ukraine's membership in the alliance is a huge strategic mistake which would have most serious consequences for pan-European security."

The decision of the summit to postpone membership to Ukraine and Georgia is a small yet significant blow to the expansion of the U.S. dominated military alliance. But NATO endorsed the Pentagon's plans to establish a missle defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland. However, Russia should not fear the missle defense system, which according to the Bush Administration is aimed against Middle-East countries like Iran.

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